Essential Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Startup


To launch your own startup is a huge deal for you. After launching the startup, you have to make sure to introduce it to the world and that’s where digital marketing steps us. You need to take measures on establishing your brand name with a successful and thorough digital marketing strategy. If you don’t want to do it yourself, just hire a digital agency Hobart and let them do their magic.

You have to work really hard to make your startup known. When you are known by your target audience then your startup will go towards success.

Here are some essential digital marketing tips to grow and build your startup.

Audience matters

Your clientele matters the most. Your audience must have access to engage with your startup and have a say in your products. Your digital marketing strategy should be designed to appeal to the audience of your startup. Do some research to find our what works best for your audience. Keep them hooked and interested in your startup by providing them with the kind of content they relate to.

Creative content


To engage your audience, you have to come up with fresh content that is unique and inspiring to your audience. This will have a strong impact on your target market.  Great content helps in improving your search engine rankings and also increases your digital traffic. You should follow the 80/20 rule when making a content; 80% of the content should not be about your product and then the rest of 20% could be focused on giveaways, sales, offers etc.

Social media platforms

Your online presence and identity are shown through your website and social media platforms. So, through these platforms you can engage your audience with inspiring content through a strong social media platform. Social media is key to making your startup successful and add value to it. You have to be consistent and regular in your social media strategy and increase your growth. Use these platforms in your advantage and you will see your startup gaining all the attention.

Be Data-Driven

For any startup to succeed in the digital marketing space, it is important to be data-driven. For this purpose, there are various tools available such as Google Analytics, which help you in processing your current and historical data to make sure you earn the maximum ROI from your campaign. Google Analytics also help in finding the weak points of your digital campaign so that you can make a better one next time.

Growth optimized

Through good digital marketing strategy, business outreach and impact can increase and grow because of how it connects the business with the potential customers. If the audience genuinely feels a connection with the startup values, then they tend to put their interests in the startup.

Digital Marketing Agency

The concept of Digital marketing is very broad since it encompasses all those advertising and commercial actions that are executed in the media and internet channels: social networks, blogs, websites, video platforms, forums, etc.

Parallel to the tremendous development and evolution that digital technology has experienced, online marketing has been experiencing, in a progressive and very fast, profound changes in both opportunities it provides recipients and the techniques and tools used. Therefore it is imperative to work alongside a top digital marketing agency in Australia.

Importance of Digital Marketing

  • Measurement: when performing a digital marketing strategy can be measured much more easily than traditional marketing strategies.
  • Recruitment and customer loyalty: digital marketing allows to attract and attract potential customers and retain current customers.
  • Increase in sales: digital marketing can significantly increase sales of the company because the potential customers of most organizations are in the digital world.
  • Create community: digital marketing and especially social media marketing allows creating a community that interacts with the brand, creating an emotional link between it and its customers.
  • Channel with great reach: digital marketing uses the Internet and social networks as a channel, which allows a great impact on the reach and positioning of brands.
  • Experimentation: digital marketing allows to test tactics and adjust strategies in real time to optimize results.

Advantages of digital marketing

It’s no wonder that digital marketing is growing a lot nowadays.

One of the main reasons is that there is the fact that more and more people connected to the internet, leaving television and radio in the background. Also, in addition to that, digital marketing has several advantages such as:

  • Communication: Traditional marketing – the one done outside the internet such as outdoor, TV, press and radio – does not allow consumers to communicate easily with the company about what they have just seen. Digital marketing already allows communication between companies and consumers easily, 24 hours a day and many times in real time.
  • Global reach: If you have already studied marketing, you know that one of the famous 4 Ps of marketing is “Place”, that is, the places where you will carry out your marketing actions.

For example, if your campaign uses exteriors or flyers, the choice of location influences the cost and impact of the action. An exterior in Hervey Bay, for example, will not impact consumers in Melbourne.

  • Data: In addition to attracting more attention from the consumer, each time it interacts with a marketing action, you get information about it, which can help you better understand your Buyer and create increasingly efficient actions. The real benefit of using data in digital marketing is the economy of time and money.

This prevents a campaign from being created based on assumptions and makes sure that the message communicated is in accordance with the public and that the channels used are those that the public enters.

  • Real-time: Since digital marketing is based on the internet, everything can be accompanied in real time.

While an advertisement in the newspaper cannot be changed after it has been printed and it is difficult to measure its performance. The text of a campaign in AdWords can be adjusted automatically hundreds of times a day and generate data that helps to understand if the objectives are being achieved or not and know what needs to be modified to generate the expected results.

Tips for effective content marketing, in computer graphics

Content marketing (or content marketing in English) is in net development. Indeed, most people do not believe in traditional advertising, and content marketing primarily helps to reassure customers of a company or brand based on its expertise.

However, as in any strategy, you need to know some tips. Let’s discover them , proposed by BlogMost in his infographic.

The Silver Fox


Propose the right content in the right place

All the infographic is based on this idea, and it is undoubtedly the major element in a content marketing strategy . Indeed, for your messages to have the impact they deserve, they must be  broadcast on adapted platforms  ! For example, for a video, it will be better to publish it on Youtube or Facebook, rather than in a personalized reader directly on its website. We will not dwell here on what content to publish on which platform, you will find all the answers in the infographic 😉


Offer quality content

In a content marketing strategy , quality takes precedence over quantity! Indeed, the published contents are a bit like an advertisement, in the sense that they will leave an impression or an opinion in the head of those who have seen them. It is better to offer quality content to give a good image of your company / brand , and thus win the trust of your customers and prospects .


Analyze again and again

There is no more miracle content than miracle solution! In this respect, it is better to follow the trends. The best is to create qualitative content according to your criteria, then analyze the results . Today everything is traceable and analysable. Watch how your fans, customers, prospects react … to your content and, depending on that, improve them if necessary, until you find the content that appeals to your target audience  !

If you want to set up a content marketing strategy, we invite you to consult our content marketing offer . Also, you can download our white paper on editorial lines and social media strategies to learn more about it.