Web Design

Web Design: Do’s and Don’ts

Web design is a daunting subject. The task can be very complicated as there are a lot of considerations to take to ensure that the web design is perfectly suitable to all your business requirements. To simply the process, below are few do’s and don’ts a web designer best to consider.

Do: Keep in mind the importance of experience

You need to make sure that all your customers across will have the same experience whichever device they prefer to use. A customer should be able to see everything they want to see without challenges whether they use their mobile or tablet.

Do: Design website in a clear and easy to use navigation

Usability is a must. A good-looking website is useless of the users cannot navigate it easily. Keep in mind:

  • The structure of the website should be the most straightforward possible
  • The options should be obvious for visitors to understand
  • All pages should have the same navigation system to provide visitors familiarity

Do: Check all links twice or more

A visitor will easily get turned off once they receive a 404 error on a link they click. Anyone who is searching for something expects that the link they clicked will bring them to where it says and not somewhere that will make them feel completely frustrated.

Do: Make clickable elements evident

If it is clickable make it looks like clickable and if not, make it not! Visitors can be so confused easily with this element. Some make it seems like an item on their site is clickable, like words that are underlined, yet they are not. This builds confusion to users and makes them feel the urge of moving to a different site.

Don’t: Make your visitors wait

Have you experienced waiting for too long for a site to load? It is irritating, right? That same experience is what your visitors would feel if you let them wait. Time is precious to everyone, and waiting is not an option. Never challenge your visitor’s patience as for sure, you will never win. Instead of waiting, what visitors would do is close the tab and look for other websites catering the same business like yours that will not make them wait. Loading your website with large contents, such as photos and animations, would look nice, but there is a downfall to that, hence better watch out.

Don’t: Make promotions and ads take over

Having too much promotional and ad content can give visitors harder time to accomplish what they want from the site. Although, it is understandable that web owners need them at some point, yet it should not take over the show.

Don’t: Automatically play videos with background sound or music

Do not catch visitors off guard, let videos and music plays as per visitor’s request. Videos and music automatically playing will make others feel irritated, not everyone appreciates anything as such.

Don’t: Set aside usability for beauty

The web interface should not hinder user’s capability to use the contents on the screen. Avoid busy backgrounds on important contents as that will make visitors lose focus on important things that matter on the site.

There is more to know about web design, yet the do’s and don’ts shared above is enough for you to kick off right.